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Thank you for visiting itself !

My name is Laura Seguí.

The purpose of this page, it is to make him discover my different artistic capacities.

In the Menu it will be able to open pages, allowing him to meet to act in different records.

In Advertising, Music, Dubbing, Comical Scenes, Dramatic Scenes, Vídeoclips and a gallery of photos.

My vocational training relates to the world of the small one and of the great screen,

As that of the music and the dubbing.

- Formation of presenter of television.

- Actress's formation, in scenes of comedy, scenes of drama, and other diverse and varied scenes.

- Formation with different records of voice as singer, dubbing of cartoon and infantile voices.

Here they will be able to discover some of my interpretations.

I offer them a great variety of my capacities.

Discover my web page and put in touch with my representative for all the information that he needs.


Tlf 0034 606561821


Up to soon!

Return to visit my web page to see the last updates.

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